I am Elín -A mom, educator, blogger, Latine, and seeking happiness.

Unpack Wellness With Me.

I’m a first-generation Latina on a wellness journey. Follow along as I explore what wellness means, what stands in our way, and how to change that in order to achieve complete wellness.

Hablando Wellness

A journey towards being healthy: mind, body, and soul. Follow along as I unpack self-care and what society wants us to think taking care of ourselves looks like. I will be looking at different forms of wellness because it isn’t isolated to one kind. We have to think of wellness holistically.

As a first-generation Latina, additional layers stand in our way of seeking wellness for ourselves. We are at a point in time with a wealth of knowledge, but it’s not always centered around us. There are spaces that still feel exclusive but what we need to realize is that our ancestors created a lot of the wellness practices that are being used. I want to create access and approach the information out there with a Latina point of view. Join me and let’s be comadres on this journey.

Recent Blog Post

When talking about wellness, it is more than self-care. We often think of massages, manicures, shopping sprees, and maybe even a glass of wine, but it’s not just that. I want to explore how to truly take care of yourself with a goal of complete wellness.

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Let’s not do this alone. The first step in creating authentic wellness is building community. Join me!