About Me

About me

My Wellness Story

I’m a first-generation Latina breaking generational cycles through unpacking what it truly means to take care of ourselves.

More about me

I’m breaking cycles.

My name is Elin and I’m what you would consider a “geriatric” millennial. I won’t get into how that term does not truly reflect me, but I was born during a time that social media wasn’t as present in my life growing up, and neither were the mental health resources that are available now. I am a mother to a wonderful and sassy child, I am also a wife but would much rather title myself a partner. 

I was born and raised in Oakland to two Mexican parents. I am extremely proud of both of those things, they truly formed who I am. My passion for fighting injustice led me to being an educator for over 20 years. First as a School Counselor, then as a high school Assistant Principal, and now to a school leadership coach. 

When I say I am breaking cycles, it’s because so many of the paths I have taken have been unchartered territory. I was often the “only.” I am a first-generation college graduate with a total of four degrees in my name: a bachelors, two masters, and a doctorate…so you can also call me Dr. Cervantes.

A lot of my wellness reflections will include that of grief and losing both of my parents before I turned 40 years old. It isn’t easy raising a child with little to no grandparents. You will also see how I used my “secret” creativity into a wellness tool. I’ve always been artistic and loved collecting pens, markers and anything with pretty colors. I was too shy to be public about it. 

This may resonate with some of you “over-achievers,” but I was expected to be the “smart one,” the one that was good at school. So a BUNCH of perfectionism colored my life and it’s something I am working at unlearning to this day.

Picture of me and my little one, pure fun and joy on both of our faces.
Latina woman sitting on a green chair glancing off to the side with a smile on her face.

Why this blog?

I have been overcoming (I don’t like saying struggling with), anxiety and depression since my teenage years. It has deeply impacted my life and it feels like I’ve always been seeking the answer to feeling better. To feel happy. 

It wasn’t until I had my child when the postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety hit me HARD! I knew I had to do more than what I was doing before…therapy and “self-care.” That was no longer enough. I now had the responsibility of being better not just for myself but for my little one. 

This blog is to share what I learn about being WELL. Full and complete wellness. That means I’m centering my needs and learning about the things that were not available or accessible to the generations before me and even for my generation. It’s about breaking generational cycles and honoring my ancestors. It’s about breaking free from the trauma so my little one knows there are other ways of being.