10 Podcasts that Impacted my Wellness Journey

Title reading "10 podcasts that impacted my wellness journey" with woman of color wearing headphones.
image with writing saying "10 podcasts that impacted my wellness journey" with a woman of color wearing headphones.

This may have to be a part one since wellness journeys are ever evolving and new podcasts come out all of the time. I didn’t always listen to podcasts and I did not know there was a podcast player built into my iPhone. Friends would often send me recommendations and tell me to take a listen, but it would take a while until I eventually did.

It wasn’t until after my child was born and I was home full-time that I started to listen to podcasts. It was podcasts and precisely the 10 I list below that helped me with my wellness. You’ll notice that almost all of them aren’t even focused on mental health and wellness. Still, they helped me during a very difficult time during my postpartum depression, transition into motherhood, and to this day.

These podcasts are still in my rotation and I try to listen to them as soon as they drop. I thought it would be fitting to honor these podcasts during Women’s History Month since the majority of them are created by women. The list isn’t in order of preference but in the order of which ones I started to listen to first.

The Podcasts & Their Impact on my Wellness

1. Anzaldúing It Podcast

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I miss this podcast so much. A new episode hasn’t been released since December 2022, but this was the first podcast I really connected with. One of my best friends recommended this to me and said she always thought of me when she listened to it. 

Anzaldúing It  is “A Queer Latinx podcast on navigating academia, relationships & mental health.” I recently finished my doctorate and I would express to my friend how lonely that process was being one of the only Latinas in my cohort. What this podcast did for me was help me feel less alone, helped me laugh at the system of academia, and connected me to two badass academics. 

2. Super Mamás Podcast

I love listening to this podcast while I wash dishes, but when I first started listening to it was while pumping late at night during the early stages of postpartum. I was craving something to help me connect to this new stage of my life and I was searching for something I could relate to. 
Super Mamás “is a judgment-free space where new, expecting, and experienced mothers come together to learn from one another.” It showed up exactly when I needed it. Bricia and Paulina gave me permission to be messy and accept that I didn’t know everything about being a mom. They raised their own questions about being Mexican and raising their children differently. To this day they help me on this parenthood journey and in turn help me feel less lost.

3. Brown Ambition Podcast

Tiffany & Mandi…thank you! As hosts of the podcast, they keep it real and break down business and finance in a way that is approachable. You feel their love for their community each and every week. This podcast was sent to me by a former colleague and now a really good friend.

I remember leaving work one day and complaining about not understanding how to save for retirement. That same day I was sent the link to Brown Ambition, it “helps you unapologetically build wealth by saving, investing, and making smart career choices — on your own terms!” Not only did this podcast help me understand the importance of saving for retirement, it also gave me the encouragement to start my own business. 

4. Yo Quiero Dinero Podcast

Now that I was hooked on podcasts and found them easy to listen to while I was staying at home with my little one, I was searching for more content by Latina creators. Being on maternity leave made me realize how much I enjoyed the flexibility of setting my own schedule. This is when Janesse Torres made such an impact on my life. 

It was right before the pandemic started and I was in hurry to learn more about taking power over my finances. I found the Yo Quiero Dinero podcast by searching “Latina money” in my apple podcasts app. I started at episode one and I haven’t missed an episode yet. It is because of that podcast that I’m writing this blog.

5. Smart Money Mamas Show

This podcast is no longer releasing new episodes, but I appreciated Chelsea for providing content about money and investing specifically for moms. I was embracing this new part of my life but at the same time trying to understand how to be smarter about money and investing was all new to me. The episodes exposed me to other moms, new ideas, and smarter ways to use my money. 

Smart Money Mamas podcast is “a way to learn about money without the stress.” Listening to this allowed me to connect with different moms on a weekly basis without having to leave my house. It also took away the awkwardness of talking about money. 

6. Journey to Launch

I learned about Journey to Launch from two of the other podcasts listed. Jamila Souffrant, host of this podcast was on both Smart Money Mamas and the Yo Quiero Dinero podcast around the same time. I vibed with Jamila’s energy and have been listening to her podcast ever since. 

Journey to Launch podcast “helps brave journeyers gain clarity around their finances and create an actionable plan to reach their goals.” When I say I was vibing with Jamila, it’s because her approach is supportive. It feels as though she wants to see all of us win. She brings on a variety of guests that really help you on your journey to financial freedom. 

7. Life Kit- Health, Money, Parenting

I was always a fan of NPR so when I started getting into podcasts, I was thrilled to see their podcast offerings. Something I really enjoy about the Life Kit podcasts is that they are on the short side and they end each of their episodes with the main takeaways. So if you’re listening to these while you’re multi-tasking (like I often do), you know you are going to get a brief summary at the end. 

Life Kit podcasts “helps you get it together.” It’s truly how I felt when I would listen to podcasts about how to clean my house more sustainably and how to connect better with my toddler. There is always something new and interesting to learn about through this podcast. It helped me feel like I was exploring new areas of life without having to do much work. 

8. Code Switch Podcast

During the pandemic, I was doing a lot of podcast listening. When the summer of 2020 hit and with the racial reckoning our country was experiencing, I was looking for a podcast that could help me process my thoughts and feelings. Since I was listening to another podcast through NPR, I learned about Code Switch and I instantly got hooked. 

The Code Switch podcast  “explores how race affects every part of society — from politics and pop culture to history, food, and everything in between.” 

I would share many of the episodes with family and friends. Back when Shareen Marisol Meraji was one of the co-hosts, I appreciated her sharing her journey with identity, and helped me reflect on mine. As someone who is invested in social justice, this podcast gave me a space to learn, reflect, and grow.

9. Latinas Booked Out Podcast

Where do I start with this podcast? I started listening to it back when it was called the “Follow that Fear” podcast. What hasn’t changed is the open and honest realness you will get from host Cat del Carmen. There were many roads that led me to this podcast. I can’t remember what came first, following her on Instagram or hearing her as a guest on the YQD podcast. Regardless, I knew that I wanted to consume everything Cat put out there. 

What Cat does through the Latinas Booked Out podcast is empowering women of color to make A LOT of money through their business. Even if you don’t have your own business or don’t have dreams of doing so, what she teaches is having confidence and believing in yourself. She focused on thoughts and thought work, and when I first started listening to it, that was something I really struggled with. So business or not, there is something to take away from it.

10. Dare to Lead with Brené Brown

This podcast became a regular once I went back to work and I felt the urge to do more. This was around the time I started to pivot my side hustle to one that focused on school leadership. It was nice to listen to a well-known renowned researcher interview different leaders. It gave me the courage to use what I was learning within my business. 

The Dare to Lead podcast are “conversations with change catalysts, culture-shifters, and more than a few troublemakers who are innovating, creating, and daring to lead.” It was what I needed during a time when I felt stuck and frustrated in my 9-5 job. You can gain a lot from other leaders even if they work in a different space than yours. 

Other podcasts in my rotation.

Here are a few more podcasts that I encourage you to check out. They are on my rotation, and maybe I will do a part 2 to unpack more about how they are helping me on my journey. 

Chingona Revolution. This podcast “is hosted by Erika Cruz, a rebel who left a 6-figure tech job to pursue her own unconventional path to success by following her passion that led to her purpose.”

On Purpose. Hosted by Jay Shetty, his “purpose is to make wisdom go viral.” Through the podcast, he shares insightful conversations with fascinating people. 

Anything for Selena. “Maria Garcia was 9 years old and living on the U.S.-Mexico border when Selena was murdered. Twenty-five years later, Maria is on a quest to understand what it means to love, mourn and remember Selena. In this intimate journey, Maria explores what Selena’s legacy shows us about belonging in America.”

But These Aren’t Wellness Podcasts!

I know that these podcasts are all over the place, and I realize they aren’t wellness podcasts. The beauty of being on your wellness journey is that you connect with whatever you need to move you along. For me it was connecting with other women of color, learning more about finances and investing, and having the courage and confidence to lead and grow my business. Most importantly, it started with a life transition, becoming a mother.

My Reflection

Being well involves being introspective and picking up on what you need the most. Once you figure that out, find the information or the people that will help you move forward in that area. Your friends and family may not be able to do that for you, in fact, sometimes they are the ones holding you back. 

Podcasts were an outlet for me and they turned into motivation and inspiration for different parts of my life that contribute to my overall wellness. There are wellness-specific podcasts to listen to and maybe I will write about them one day. What felt right during this Women’s History Month was to highlight the podcasts that were there for me when I needed them the most, and pretty much all of them are created by women. 

Let me know which podcasts helped you on your journey.

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