Galentine’s Day- Gift Guide for Amigas

Collage of items listed in the Galentine's gift guide blog post.
Collage of items listed in the Galentine's gift guide blog post.
Galentine’s Gift Ideas for your Amigas & Comadres

I don’t know about you but I was never really a big Valentine’s day chica. Take me to get some tacos from a taco truck and I’d be happy. However, this idea of Galentine’s day is more my thing. You see, gift-giving is my love language and there were so many years that my Amigas were there for me.

What is Galentine’s Day?

Galentine’s Day is celebrated the day before Valentine’s day on February 13. I didn’t watch this show, but it’s said to originate from Parks and Recreation. It’s a day when you celebrate your platonic relationships and when you can have a good time with your amigas and comadres. 

I remember, especially during my college years when a group of girlfriends would go out to dinner, drinks and dancing for Valentine’s day. It was a way to show our love for each other and also be cool with not needing a man/partner/significant other. Now, we call it Galentine’s day.

Why is Galentine’s day important?

I have found that as I get older, fostering friendships has become more and more difficult. Life is so busy with work, the household, and parenting. Having a day, even if it isn’t a real holiday, gives us an excuse to connect with those friends and find a way to remind them of how important their friendship is. 

Psychological benefits

Since I center on wellness, I wanted to take the time to point out the mental health benefits of what a day like Galentine’s can add to our life. The pandemic taught us how hard it is to go without human connection. 

Spending time with your girlfriends allows you to talk about your problems and have people that understand your point of view. It is also a time to share your wins and celebrate what you have going on in your life. This boosts your self-esteem and motivation. 

Relationships are Different

Simply put, your relationships with your girlfriends are different than the relationships you have with male friends, or your significant other. I am speaking as a person in a heterosexual relationship, but I can see how the way you interact with your friends is different than the way to act with your partner. 

When I’m with my girlfriends, I know that we will be talking for hours. Catching up on our lives and not skipping out on any detail! That is not true when I’m at dinner with my partner, or out with any of my guy friends. 
Aside from the chisme, women have so much stacked against them -patriarchy, sexism, the Latina pay gap, lack of respect for care giving- we need the time to be in community with one another. Galentine’s day gives us the excuse we need to plan something special for one another.

Galentine’s Day Gift Ideas 

As mentioned early, my love language is gift-giving. So I rounded up 20 gift ideas from Latina-owned businesses that would make great gifts for your amigas, comadres, and even yourself! Let me also add, that none of these are sponsored, I just really love all of these brands.

Creatives & Stationary Lovers

The Full Life Collective Mindset & Manifestation Journal. I used this one myself and I like that it’s a 3-month planner/journal. The guided exercises will inspire that special comadre in your life.

Sayings y Dichos Adult Coloring Book. This happens to be a coloring book I designed. It’s a collection of quotes and dichos that will motivate and inspire, so gift this to your friend that loves to color.

Diana Rosales Art. These stickers, cards, and art pieces are beautiful. Tu amiga will love being reminded that she is “Fuerte y Capaz.”

SoniArt. If you don’t follow this artist on social media, you need to. The artwork is beautiful. This Huitzitzilin Blessings Suncatcher Sticker is stunning and would be great for the amiga in your life that enjoys early morning journaling

Sarah’s Tesoros. I would consider this artist a distant friend of mine. I have ordered a few things from her before and her work is made with so much love. This Sunkissed Journal is perfect for your comadre who is the cheerleader of the group and deserves some love in return. 

Muxeres Xingonas. For the fierce amiga in your life, you will find plenty from this baddie artist. Your friend who loves Bad Bunny will go crazy over this Bad Bunny Corazon Notepad | Weekly Planner.

Mi Ranchito Creations. What better way to show your amiga with love for her and her homeowning self than to gift her this “Out making Jefa Moves” doormat?! 

Clothing With a Message

Hija de Tu Madre. I love the attention I get when I wear this shirt. Gift this “Yo Hago Lo Que Me Da La Gana” T-Shirt to your amiga that loves to make a statement. 

Yo Quiero Dinero Podcast. Jannese doesn’t typically sell clothes, but everything she sells has a message. You can’t pass up this gift for your comadre on a mission to build generational wealth, she will wear this Future Millionaria t-shirt with pride! 

Sweetest Bee Creations. Tell your amiga she isn’t a “bebsita but a bebesota” with this cute hoodie. 

JZD. Everything they create is perfect to being a smile to your amigas face. My favorite happens to be the “Te Mereces Cosas Bonitas” t-shirt. Porque we all do! 

Viva La Bonita. This brand’s story is inspirational, same with their products. There is no better way to honor the mujeres in your life than with this “Mujeres Are Magic” sweatshirt

Makeup & Body Products

Vive Cosmetics. The mujer empowerment this business exudes is everything! Their lipsticks are perfect for your amiga who needs their lip color to stay put all day, your friend will feel seen with the names of their lippies like “La Patrona.

Alamar Cosmetics. What better way to show your comadre some love than to buy her some liquid blush to highlight her beautiful face? The “Let That Mango” color is perfect for spring.

Nopalera. Did you catch this fierce mujer on Shark Tank? This brand reminds us of our worth, and their soap is AMAZING. Encourage your amiga to engage in self-care with their Flor de Mayo Cactus Soap

Dandelion and Hope. Shout out to another friend of mine. These essential oils will show your amiga how you deeply care about their well-being. The Fearless blend is my favorite. 

Loquita Bath + Body. Your amiga will LOVE feeling seen with a gift from this brand. The “Yo Perreo Sola” bath bomb is perfect for your independent and fierce amiga!

Snacks Con Cultura

I Love Micheladas. Whether you are hosting your amigas for a brunch or want to send a nice treat, you can’t go wrong with this Valentine Miche Gram.

Agua Bonita. Another great addition to your Galentine’s celebration. From sweet to spicy, your amigas will find something they like with their Variety Pack

Siete Foods. You can’t have a pachanga with your comadres without some yummy snacks. I love everything Siete puts out, don’t miss out on these Small Batch Fuego Lime potato chips

I Love Chamoy. There is so much to love about this brand. Your comadres will be happy to have a healthy alternative for their favorite botanas. 

My Galentine’s Day Reflection

Even though Galentine’s Day isn’t an official holiday, we should take any opportunity we can get to honor the amazing mujeres in our lives. I plan on having a nice dinner with one of my besties this year, I will be sending out some special gifts from this list as well. 

If you plan a special Galentine’s day this year, share it with me! Tag me on Instagram @hablandowellness.

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